Introducing "The B Life" - ReBranding the Blog

I did it. I finally rebranded. It was time. I loved Lipstick & Yarn, but I needed to address a few changes based on what my blog has become, and where I see it going. I wanted a simpler layout, cleaner widgets, and a no-fuss font. I wanted blog maturity. And I wanted something I was proud to call my own.

See, there comes a time in every girl's life, where her blog needs an identity that goes beyond just crochet projects and fashion. I've always wanted my blog to reflect all aspects of my life to seek out the lovely, the sustainable, and the creative. 

I've wanted a place where it makes sense to delve into mine and Nick's homesteading escapades. I wanted a place where I can showcase my thrifty fashion finds. I wanted a place where I can share recipes, wellness inspiration, and yarn or sewing projects. I wanted a place where I could post decor projects, life updates, and everything in between.

I loved Lipstick and Yarn, but I wanted something more encompassing.

So, now we're here. And "here" is a place of exploration; a place of celebrating sustainability in living; a place of simplistic beauty; a place of trial and error, and of discovery.

The 'B' Life isn't just about me. It isn't just about thrifty fashion, or creative projects, or gardening, or wellness, or sustainable living. The 'B' Life is about finding loveliness in the everyday. Because most of us aren't A-Listers. Nor will we ever be. I want this blog to be a reflection of the good in a life absent of celebrity; a reflection of the beautiful in the mundanities of middle living. 

That, after all, is a 'B' life. It's a celebration of simplicity, a striving for sustainability, and a recognition that indeed, all that glitters is not gold. 

So, welcome. Come take this journey with me. Come be a part of The 'B' Life. 



  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Love everything about the new rebranding, seriously! Glad it will still be stuff you used to write about with some new stuff too. Excellent job, girl!

    1. Thanks, Justine! I am really excited about all the new topics but sticking with my thrifty style roots. There's just so much more to talk about!



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