#ThriftStyleThursday: Pantone's Marsala

dress // Calvin Klein, thrifted, Value Village
cardigan // Banana Republic, thrifted, Value Village
scarf // thrifted, Talize
boots // thrifted, Talize

Today's theme was chosen by the lovely Miche over at Buttons and Birdcages. That's right, today we're showing off our Pantone themed outfits featuring 2015's colour of the year - Marsala. I'm a big fan. It's a much better colour to work with than last year's purple - and lucky for us, Marsala was all over the fashion markets long before Pantone made it THE colour to love.

Today's outfit is also entirely thrifted. That's right - I finally achieved an outfit consisting of items that were purchased secondhand. I feel as though I finally succeeded through some rite of thrifter's passage. What's more, is this outfit has its fill of high-quality items: a Calvin Klein dress, a Banana Republic cardigan (which still had the $110 price tag on it - I thrifted it for $7.99), and those stellar boots! This outfit was a match made in thrifter's heaven.

I was also lucky to have a soft snowfall amidst our late February deep freeze. I know the snow photos look great, but I am ready to see green, again. Winter is dry, and dry means static. I cannot wait to pull off a shirt at the end of a day without feeling like my electrical charge could single handedly power Toronto. Those dry hair Dove commercials are my reality. Come on Spring! 

Only 30 days of winter left.

Now go be inspired to wear Marsala, and check out how all the other lovely ladies have sported today's theme. Want to participate? Hashtag your Marsala inspired outfit with #thriftstylethursday and join in! 

As always, Stay Thrifty!

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  1. Look at you braving the cold and snow with bare legs!! This whole look is so cute though - and awesome that it is ALL thrifted!! And I agree, this color is so much better than last year's color of the year. I think it has a lot of potential!

    1. Well .. almost bare. Panty hose, I tell you. Great invention. Thanks so much for the kind words, Beth!

  2. The snow pictures do look great, but you look even better in this killer outfit! I love it all, but I especially love those boots!! I wouldn't have picked those boots to go with that dress right off the bat, but somehow it all works! I think the scarf especially helps tie everything together. :)

    1. Thanks, Kristi! I agree with the boots - I had 3 options and I am glad I went with these ones. The boots actually reminded me of you and were purchased on a very special thrifting mission *wink*. Thanks for inspiring me! :)

  3. Wow! Now *that* is a Little Black Dress if I ever saw one. I'm loving the scarf too. And the boots. And... well, just the entire ensemble! You look fantastic!

    1. Thanks, Carissa! It's actually graphite, but I like using it as a LBD. :)



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