Sandals & Tights

dress // Old Navy
blazer // Thrift Swap
belt // Vintage, thrifted
nylons // Suzy Shier
sandals // Aerosoles, Winners Canada
sunnies // West 49

I wore this outfit to work last week on a particularly balmy spring day. It was a little windy, and the showroom at work tends to be a little on the cool side, so I wasn't feeling scandalous or brave enough to go without nylons just yet.

So, sandals and tights. It can be a thing, right? I mean, they aren't socks. Tights are infinitely cooler. 

I can't pretend to be less than selfish with my style choices that day. I wanted to wear my new dress, and my new sandals, and I was going to find a way to do it. I'm not trendsetting. I'm just stubborn.

To sandals and tights, friends. Ah, may the days of tights soon be through. 


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Thrift Swap + Gift of Thrift Giveaway!

A few months ago, Martyna suggested we try something new with the Thrift Style Thursday crew. She suggested we partner up and do a thrift-swap! Since none of us have ever met (save for one pair of ladies... you'll find out which ones on their blogs!!), this was a challenge we couldn't wait to try. Martyna drew names and sent out the partners and we set out to shop for a friend!

I was partnered with the wonderful and delightful (see what I did there?) Kristi. She lives in California, USA and I live in Ontario, Canada; it was splendid hunting the thrift stores for items that she could put to use in the warm weather. So, after church one Sunday afternoon, Nick and I headed over to Talize and got our thrift on. You'll have to go over to her blog to see the outfit I sent her (I had 3 different options and I would have sent them all had it not been over my budget). 

Then, one cloudy day at the beginning of March, a package in a Modcloth box arrived on my doorstep. I'd had a terrible day at work, so this was a very welcome surprise. Kristi sent me TWO outfits, some California candy (delish!), and a lovely letter describing the items in the box. She had even put the outfits together for me! 

Kristi nailed my style. And we may have decided that, from this point on, we are going to thrift at whim for each other - which is good because I did another thrift haul tonight and I may have snagged some cute pieces that I can't wait to send off to her! 
So, here are the outfits!

outfit 1

blouse //  LOFT
jacket // Coldwater Creek
skirt // Apt. 9
flats // Tommy Hilfiger (mine)

outfit 2

tee // indie brand
skirt // JCrew
lace blazer // Mudd

Awesome, right! Kristi thrifted me my very first piece of JCrew clothing - and I wear this skirt at least once a week. It is perfect for work, especially now that spring has arrived and I can break out the sandals. I also can't get enough of the polka-dotted LOFT blouse, and I've worn both blazers to work styled with other items in my closet. Keeping these off Instagram the past month has been torture - I am so glad you get to see them now!

Here's what every single one of us agreed - we love thrifting, and thrifting for others is a new challenge. But guess what - it's more fun! Well, I think it's more fun.

So we've decided to give our readers a chance to win a thrifted outfit by us. And there won't be just one winner, there will be FOUR! Because we love to treat others with the gift of thrift! Each thrifting pair will shop a complete head to toe outfit for you! All you have to do is enter! Any of you readers living in the Twin Cities in Minnesota may want to pay special attention, I hear one pair may take a winner on a thrift haul outing!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest closes April 5, so be sure to enter. We're really excited to give some of our lucky readers the gift of thrift! We hope you are too.

Now go and find out what the other ladies thrifted for each other - the pairings were fun and are sure to showcase some wonderful finds.

Be sure to check out all the lovely Thrift Swaps! 
My partner: Kristi from Delightfully, Kristi.
Zhenya from Being Zhenya and Beth from Bethie the Boo
Miche from Buttons and Birdcages and Carissa from Carissa Knits
Andrea from Little Did You Know and Martyna from Spoolish
and hop over to Megan from Traverse for another chance to win!

As always, stay thrifty!

#ThriftStyleThursday: Spring Dress Blues

dress // thrifted, Value Village
cardigan // my closet, Jacob
belt // vintage, thrifted, Talize
sunglasses // 3/$5, West 49
flats // Tommy Hilfiger, Winners

Today's #thriftstylethursday post is brought to us by Andrea over at Little Did You Know. She chose this theme because, as March comes to a close, many of us TST ladies are STILL being bullied by Old Man Winter. 

Surprisingly, though, SW Ontario isn't getting the snow/freeze rain storm that the weather people predicted for today, and a good dose of Vancouver-esque rain showers yesterday has almost entirely melted the snow. I thought that this was a good opportunity to celebrate spring's arrival. I'm not even wearing tights.

I thrifted this Maya dress last September and haven't yet blogged it. I promised big promises on Instagram and then completely forgot about getting those pictures up after my old Macbook died a slow and painful death. 

I still love how perfect this dress is for fall and for the transition between winter and spring. It's a very classic length, it's collar provides a little neck warmth for those cool winds, and it looks great with a cardigan. What more could a Zoe Deshanel loving girl want, right?

Want to see more inspirations for #thriftstylethursday looks that whisk away the winter blues? Check out what the other ladies have come up with this week. And stay tuned tomorrow for a very special TST post (yep, on a Friday!) and an exciting announcement that you readers will love!

As always, stay thrifty!


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