#ThriftStyleThursday: Spring Dress Blues

dress // thrifted, Value Village
cardigan // my closet, Jacob
belt // vintage, thrifted, Talize
sunglasses // 3/$5, West 49
flats // Tommy Hilfiger, Winners

Today's #thriftstylethursday post is brought to us by Andrea over at Little Did You Know. She chose this theme because, as March comes to a close, many of us TST ladies are STILL being bullied by Old Man Winter. 

Surprisingly, though, SW Ontario isn't getting the snow/freeze rain storm that the weather people predicted for today, and a good dose of Vancouver-esque rain showers yesterday has almost entirely melted the snow. I thought that this was a good opportunity to celebrate spring's arrival. I'm not even wearing tights.

I thrifted this Maya dress last September and haven't yet blogged it. I promised big promises on Instagram and then completely forgot about getting those pictures up after my old Macbook died a slow and painful death. 

I still love how perfect this dress is for fall and for the transition between winter and spring. It's a very classic length, it's collar provides a little neck warmth for those cool winds, and it looks great with a cardigan. What more could a Zoe Deshanel loving girl want, right?

Want to see more inspirations for #thriftstylethursday looks that whisk away the winter blues? Check out what the other ladies have come up with this week. And stay tuned tomorrow for a very special TST post (yep, on a Friday!) and an exciting announcement that you readers will love!

As always, stay thrifty!


  1. I love love love that dress! It looks like the perfect transitional piece, *and* it looks fabulous on you!

    1. Thanks, Carissa! I am happy that I remembered it for this theme! It was just the right choice. :)

  2. That dress is adorable!! And yay, for all the snow melting away... we had such awesome & warm weather today in Vancouver. Can't wait for more!! xo

    1. Awe. If there is one thing I miss about Vancouver, it's springtime - the cherry blossom trees, the warm sunshine... It almost makes up for the 4 straight months of rain. :P

      Thanks for stopping in! I hope your unpacking is going well. :)

  3. This outfit is SO cute!! I absolutely love that dress - the pattern is so stylin' and perfect for spring! Plus, those flats are a great find! LOVE this week's look! :)



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