#ThriftStyleThursday: Thrift Haul and the Rules of Thrift

This week, in accordance with the theme chosen by Zhenya over at Being Zhenya, I am showcasing my most recent Thrift Haul from one of my favourite places to thrift: Value Village. We showcase the finished styles so often, and forget to show off the methods to our madness. This post changes all that. 

Welcome to Thrifting with Brittany.

I have some basic rules that I follow when thrifting; they have almost never done me wrong.

1) Leave the stained and ripped behind.
I don't thrift damaged goods. I'm not creative with a sewing machine like many of the other thrifty ladies, and so this one is pretty much the first commandment of thrifting for me. I won't fix it, I won't create something new with it. It stays on the rack.

2) Always thrift name brands, where possible.
I've become attentive to regular retail pricing, and which brands belong to which department stores. I don't thrift cheapy clothing, and neither should you. The Banana Republic cardigan above was thrifted for $7.99, and it still had it's $119.99 price tag on it. I've thrifted everything from Old Navy to Falchi. I've yet to thrift Louboutins, though I know of thrifters who have. I feel like when that happens, it'll be time for me to quit.

3) Don't "wishful think" thrift.
By this I mean simply: Buy for your body now, not the one you think you'll have in a few months. Thrifting is inexpensive, and when done correctly will stock your closet with high quality items that you'll love. But you want to actually be able to wear them, so purchase for the curves you have, not the muscles you wish you did.

4) Budget, budget, budget!
I used to wing my thrift shopping, but when the bills started to pile in and Student Loans needed to repaid, I had to have a thrifting budget. I give myself $50-$75 every month including tax to find the items that work with my life and my style. It's been working, and has really taught me to be intentional about what I bring home.

5) Have a plan.
The single most important part of the thrifting experience is to have a plan when you start. I've been known to spend hours in my favourite secondhand stores because I hit up every rack and look at every item. It's time consuming. Then, I started planning out what I was looking for and how I would make my way through the racks and racks of clothing. I know which items I am going in for and where in the store I am going to start. My routine is always the following: Dresses, Blazers, Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Accessories, Books. I always make a list on my phone. I come out with nothing I haven't decided beforehand that I needed. I've built a successful closet this way. 

Then, when it comes together, you can marry your wonderful finds in a way that is diverse and suits your style. Mix and match items you never thought you could and see how your style becomes more sophisticated.

And don't be afraid to mix your favourite new purchases with your thrifted things. A wardrobe should be diverse. Mine sure is!

dress // Old Navy, thrifted, Value Village
blazer // Zara, thrifted, Value Village
belt // vintage, thrifted
shoes // Steve Madden, clearance, Winners/Marshalls

Be sure to check out all the other thrifty ladies and see what they've scored on their thrifting adventures. Want to participate? Hashtag your instaphotos with #thriftstylethursday or #tst and follow along!  

As always, stay thrifty!


  1. I love your methods - I think those are some good rules to follow when it comes to thrifting! And I love the red sweater and flamingo top you found! Very cute!

    1. Thanks, Beth. I love those clothing items too. They just seem to match with everything. I have found rules to be necessity - otherwise I just get carried away. :P

  2. Bahaha, I am SO guilty of the wishful thinking thrifting - I almost ALWAYS grab something that's a little too small telling myself it'll fit soon...surpriese, it never does lol. great tips!

    1. Yep. I definitely learned that one the hard way... I have a thrifted a few pairs of pants that I thought "maybe, just maybe" and they never did.

  3. I absolutely agree with all your rules... except the first one. But then again, me and my sewing machine are like *this*. I'm totally drooling over that red lace cardi and the flamingos, oh the flamingos! I thought my clown blouse was cool, but your flamingos have just showed them up!

    1. Haha, you know what, Carissa? I actually had one of your refashions in mind when I wrote that, and I wondered if I could justify it. But you're super talented, so you can thrift whatever the heck you want. I, on the other-hand, need to follow my rules. I just don't have that sort of a relationship with my sewing machine...yet. :P

  4. You look soooo pretty!!! I love the outfit, that dress is gorgeous on you! Also, those are all great thrift shopping tips!! I always try to go in with a budget and a plan because thrifting can be dangerous! ;)

    1. Thanks, Kristi! I couldn't wait to wear a sundress outside without nylons and not be cold. I think thrifting for you is just as dangerous, by the way. :P



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