The B Life: April 2015

Life Everyday // Two

1 // A dinner gathering
2 // My morning's gentle (and true!) reminder
3 // Eager blooms
4 //  Completed vegetation real estate
5 // A vacant thought

Thirty chickens is a lot. Their coop gets smelly twice as quickly as it did when there were only 15 of them. At least these chickens seem to understand that a fence around their designated ranging space is there to keep the dogs out, and not them in. Last season, Nick had one particular chicken with a death wish. It kept flying the coop, was caught by the dog, and then had to spend 3 weeks letting its feathers grow back. 

Either that, or it had a secret friendship with the dog.

In other news: the greenhouse is finished! We'll be bringing the eager plants out this weekend to begin the climatization process. We'll also need to replant a few cucumbers; the last round couldn't find it in their hearts to survive. 

I'll devote a post to the greenhouse once it's actually completed. But I have to say, we're pretty proud of ourselves. Nick's sister and brother helped out, as well. We really couldn't have done it without them. Next step? Build some growing benches and add a thermometer! 

Life Everyday // One

  1 // cable crochets are the best remedy for a slow day at work.
2 // spring denim dresses. 
3 //  new friends.
4 // old and new and spirit fruit.
5 // nearly completed lavender hues for a lovely friend.
6 // eager for an outdoor home.

Thank goodness it's Wednesday! The work week is half over, and the weekend forecast is filled with double digits and sunshine! I don't really live for a TGIF mentality since I work tip 7pm and all day again on Saturday. Instead, I'm more of a Sunday living kind of girl. This Sunday, with an expected 16 degrees celsius (right?!), Nick and I have plans to finish the greenhouse and move our eager plants to their outdoor home. 

I'm also very close to finishing a beautiful green and lavender granny circle blanket for a dear friend who was married last summer. It's her wedding gift, and I've been a little slow. Most of the ends have been tucked; I have a few more squares to attach, and then the only thing left is the border! Sunshine seems to have renewed my desire to create, which is good, because I have lots to do.


What does your life everyday look like?

Greenhouse Beginnings

before. all this sheet metal had to come off.

after the overhang is gone. look at all that glorious afternoon sunshine!

We tried to put a greenhouse up this weekend. As you can see by the pictures, that didn't exactly happen. 

Easter weekends are busy, and while Nick and I had very good plans to take down the overhang on the back of the house and put up the 10ft by 12ft greenhouse that his parents bought for him (us), we didn't get quite as far as we were hoping. 

The progress we've made is great, though. It was a little chilly on Saturday - so taking down the overhang meant cold fingers. We definitely need to get the greenhouse up soon though, we've got some rather eager cucumber plants that are ready for some fresh air and greenhouse loving. One of them even flowered on Good Friday! 

Nick still has the day off, so he's building the framing. Hopefully by next week, our plants will have a new home in sunshine and warmth. Most of them have outgrown their grow-lamp. 


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