Thrift Style Thursday // Thrifting on Trend

blouse // Worthingtons, thrifted
necklace // thrifted, Value Village
genie pants // Walmart
flats // Tommy Hilfiger, Winners

Genie pants are an interesting trend, aren't they? They feel like panama pants, and the thought is that if you wear them with a blouse, you'll be professional enough to wear them to work without your co-workers thinking you just got out of bed. I am not sure how I feel about this genie pant trend, so I figured that before I went out and invested in a pair, I'd (shamefully) look and see what the local Walmart had on the racks. 

Incidentally, the day I purchased these, was the same day my mother and I took a thrift binge through our little town. I found this hot pink Worthington's blouse for $3 at the Salvation Army (among some other goodies that I'll show off later). It's about as on trend as you can get, with the bright colour for spring, and the faux leather detailing on the mock pockets. And apart from the shoes - which were purchased new/full price, the outfit cost me a whopping $20. 

I'm not sure I'm rivalling any fashion magazines (which was Martyna's challenge for us this week), but I certainly used them for my inspiration. 

Life Everyday // Two

1 // A dinner gathering
2 // My morning's gentle (and true!) reminder
3 // Eager blooms
4 //  Completed vegetation real estate
5 // A vacant thought

Thirty chickens is a lot. Their coop gets smelly twice as quickly as it did when there were only 15 of them. At least these chickens seem to understand that a fence around their designated ranging space is there to keep the dogs out, and not them in. Last season, Nick had one particular chicken with a death wish. It kept flying the coop, was caught by the dog, and then had to spend 3 weeks letting its feathers grow back. 

Either that, or it had a secret friendship with the dog.

In other news: the greenhouse is finished! We'll be bringing the eager plants out this weekend to begin the climatization process. We'll also need to replant a few cucumbers; the last round couldn't find it in their hearts to survive. 

I'll devote a post to the greenhouse once it's actually completed. But I have to say, we're pretty proud of ourselves. Nick's sister and brother helped out, as well. We really couldn't have done it without them. Next step? Build some growing benches and add a thermometer! 

#ThriftStyleThursday // Groundbreaking Florals

tank // Roxy, thrifted, Value Village
skirt // Joe Fresh
cardigan // Denver Hayes, thrifted
flats // Tommy Hilfiger, Winners

When I chose the theme for this week, I was committing to the biggest groundbreaking style idea for the spring season. Florals.

I did this because, 1) I love the movie The Devil Wears Prada and 2) any excuse to have Meryl Streep's judge face in a blog post is obviously a win.

But really, I was expecting to come out of a thrift store with a cute little vintage floral piece that looked straight out of Etsy or ModCloth. What I came up with, though, was this clearance Joe Fresh skirt, and the CUTEST mint green shear floral mesh back tank. Not what I expected at all.

I love that pastels are making a resurgence for springtime. And I love that, shoes aside, this whole outfit cost me under $25. (I say shoes aside, because these beautiful Tommy Hilfiger flats were $59.99 at Winners). It's a pretty good feeling when your florals are both original and completely on trend! It almost makes me a superhero of thrifted fashion. (Is that too cocky? I hope not.)

So, groundbreaking indeed. Even Meryl has to admit to that.

Now go see what lovely florals the other TST ladies have thrifted, and get yourself inspired with some lovely spring florals!

See? Superhero of thrifted fashion. I think I'm on to something here.



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