Dress Up

dress // Jessica, The Bay
blazer // Banana Republic, thrifted, Goodwill
belt // vintage, thrifted
sandals // Aerosoles, Winners, here

I read somewhere that Friday marked the start of Coachella season. This means flowy maxi dresses, lacy tops, cut-off shorts, and all things boho. It also means that everyone (and by everyone, I mean all our hipsterish, free-spirit, Woodstock-lovin' friends) is gearing up for music festival season. 

Confession: I don't like music festivals. I don't really like any loud outdoor gatherings filled with hundreds or thousands of strangers who are "just chillin' dude." I'm not really a boho kind of girl. I'm all about simple living, yes, but a little less about flower power and camping out for an entire weekend just to hear all the bands play.

Instead, this is probably the most Coachella-esque thing I'll ever wear, and it's not even that "coachella." It's like a dressed up, work appropriate, lace free, un-indie professional love child of Coachella. There be no music-lovin, Bud-Light Lime drinkin', dreads-stylin', concert watching' here! 

There just isn't enough flow.

Besides, where I live, people get more excited about whatever new twangy country singer is currently topping charts. We're a little more like Willard from the original Footloose. (Did I mention my hometown is an hour away from where Justin Bieber grew up? There's a reason we prefer Country music...) Literally. My town doesn't have Coachella, we have the Turkey Festival. There are county fair rides, horrible Idol-esque competitions, and a tent where you can pet baby turkeys. There's a lot of beer, a lot of noise, and the WHOLE TOWN shows up.

Fact: I've never needed to know about Coachella before blogging style posts. I mean, really, what influence does a California-based music festival have on small-town Ontario? Our teenagers still haven't figured out that the emo/punk-rock style Avril sports died along with Blink 182. In fact, if you're ever in the area, I'll show you our main downtown attraction: 16 year olds dressed like the members of Green Day in the early 2000s cat calling outside Tim Hortons. After that, we can go to the Turkey Festival. 

Sounds like a date to me!

All this from dressing up a maxi.


  1. I'm loving how you made this maxi so professional! Very cute!


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Laura, and for stopping in!



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