The B Life: Life Everyday // Two

Life Everyday // Two

1 // A dinner gathering
2 // My morning's gentle (and true!) reminder
3 // Eager blooms
4 //  Completed vegetation real estate
5 // A vacant thought

Thirty chickens is a lot. Their coop gets smelly twice as quickly as it did when there were only 15 of them. At least these chickens seem to understand that a fence around their designated ranging space is there to keep the dogs out, and not them in. Last season, Nick had one particular chicken with a death wish. It kept flying the coop, was caught by the dog, and then had to spend 3 weeks letting its feathers grow back. 

Either that, or it had a secret friendship with the dog.

In other news: the greenhouse is finished! We'll be bringing the eager plants out this weekend to begin the climatization process. We'll also need to replant a few cucumbers; the last round couldn't find it in their hearts to survive. 

I'll devote a post to the greenhouse once it's actually completed. But I have to say, we're pretty proud of ourselves. Nick's sister and brother helped out, as well. We really couldn't have done it without them. Next step? Build some growing benches and add a thermometer! 

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