Thrift Style Thursday // Gingham Style

Whew! It's already THURSDAY, guys! Where has this week gone? Someone tell me, please, because last I looked, it was Monday and I was all "there are soooo many days before the weekend" (insert whiny voice). And now, it's all BAM! Weekend tomorrow. And it's a long one to boot.

Somehow, we got into the habit of celebrating the birthday of our dear Queen Victoria (she died in the early 1900s, but it's still a thing). Bless her soul, we still kick off our summer in her name and get drunk and plant flowers and wear plaid. 

Or in my case, Gingham. 

Remember at the beginning of the year when I swore I'd wear plaid? Yeah, it's not happening. This thrifted gingham tank may just be the closest thing I am going to get to plaid this summer. It's a little on the hick side, so I've dubbed it my farmer shirt. In that respect, it's light and airy, and perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the garden.

Of course, you wouldn't find me wearing wedges while farming. Instead, I'd have on my beat up birkenstock knock-offs, and that's just fine with me. I'd garden barefoot, if I could, but Nick mixed some used chicken coop shavings into the garden to decompose in the soil, and I'm not sure if I like the idea of bare footing through chicken poopies.

I'll just leave you with that thought. 

shirt // Garage, thrifted, Value Village
shorts // Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted
sunnies // Guess
wedges // Kenneth Cole, Winners/Marshalls

Thanks, Carissa for this awesome theme! I definitely think this was a solid add to my summer wardrobe. And let's give a huge TST welcome to our newest thrifty lady: Alison of Nouveau North Westerners! If you haven't yet, make sure you check out all our other lovely ladies, too.. I know they've done some awesome gingham styles!


  1. This outfit is absolutely adorable and you are hilarious (and yeah, no thanks on the chicken poop haha)! I love this gingham top on you and it is adorable with wedges, though if you really did want to go full farmer, you could always pair it with boots! ;)

  2. Cutest top ever! I love it! I'm laughing too hard at the chicken poop though! Eew, lol!

  3. "Bare footing through chicken poopies" - you're adorable!
    I love this top! It looks super breezy and comfy for a warm summer day in the garden or wherever! Great outfit!

  4. That's a cute top, great for Summer and because it's two shades of blue, I don't think it's too hick... or too plaid or gingham! ;)



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