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Life Everyday // Garden Progress

[1] Onion blossoms
[2] An unexpectedly purple Dahlia
[3] Tomato plants that have outgrown their large sized cages
[4] Spaghetti squash are getting larger by the day
[5] Nick blends in with the tomatoes
[6] Beginning to harvest

Summer is already half over! Where did the time go? It feels like yesterday that Nick and I expanded our garden patch and planted seedlings. Now, our growing season is mid production, and we're beginning to reap the fruits of our (quite literal) labour. 

I've been pleasantly surprised by the beautiful blooms on our second season onions, and the dahlia bulbs we started in early May have finally begun to produce beautiful blooms - the most gorgeous of which is the deep purple blossom in the second picture.

Our tomato plants are absolutely massive, and it's been a challenge to keep them at a manageable and healthy size. This week, Nick pulled off the lower branches, and some middle ones to help with tomato blight prevention. Last year, our entire tomato crop was overtaken by blight, and so we've been really careful to keep the plants monitored and healthy. They were showing early signs this week, but we gave them a dose of aspirin and water, and that seems to have solved some of the problem. We need to make sure there is proper airflow, so that the fungus cannot penetrate the leaves. 

We've also been fortunate enough to not have any squash borers burrow themselves into our very large spaghetti squash plants. I think that's because I have a butternut squash plant in the middle of my zucchini and squash vines. Borers hate butternut squash, and so it seems to be working as a natural deterrent. We did catch one of the moths in the Japanese Beetle trap Nick had set about 100 ft from the garden. It was a male moth (body colour was brighter), and its mate hasn't showed up, so we're hopeful our garden has avoided those pesky (and disgusting) Borers. 

Beans and Snow Peas have really taken off. I'm also going to have a bumper crop of jalepenos this year, so my tomatoes better survive. I want to make salsa before the summer is up, and I would rather not have to purchase a bushel of tomatoes for that.

The whole garden is looking spectacular. The only complaint I have is that my lavender plants seem to be off to a slow start. It's been really wet and rainy this year, so I can understand that it hasn't been the best weather for those subtle violet flowers. 

Thanks for stopping in! How're your gardens doing? Do you have any tricks for garden pests and tomato diseases? I'd love to hear about them. 

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  1. Your garden looks amazing! We've had a huge harvest of beans this year too! I had to freeze most of them for the winter! I'm so jealous of your spaghetti squash though! I've got one pumpkin growing so far and it's not looking it's best haha! As for the tomatoes, I find that only leaving the leaves around the main stem helps with disease control. :)
    xo April | April Everyday



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