The B Life: 2016

The Etsy.

I've finally done it. I've reopened and restocked the Etsy Shop. It's gotten a new look, a new name, and has been given a fresh batch of goodies that I cannot wait to begin shipping out. My crochet and knitting needles have been going non-stop, and I'm looking forward to creating beautiful items. I even have some lovely hand-spun yarn which I cannot wait to turn into a lovely creation. 

Custom orders are encouraged, and I'd love to create a beautiful scarf or hat or blanket just for you. So go on and visit the shop. Share it with your friends, and visit it often. There will be so many goodies added in the coming months.

How do you get there, do you ask? Go ahead and click the OUR SHOP icon at the top of the page, or the E below my signature, or click HERE


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