Sock Monkey Crochet Blanket

It's a new listing on Z&B and let me say, I am pretty excited about this blanket. It started as a granny square, and then evolved into a granny stripe, and then ended up as the most adorable sock-monkey looking blanket. It could also be construed as being inspired by a pair of Roots socks, which would also be awesome, because let's face it, who doesn't love a pair of Roots boot socks, am I right?

Completing something that I am excited to ship to someone else is an exciting feeling, and I can't wait until this beauty finds a home. 

Don't forget to click the 'Our Shop' icon up at the top to see the other items for sale, and don't be afraid to email me if you'd like to make an inquiry or order something custom.

Happy 2016, all! Hope you're able to complete a whole bunch of cool projects on your list, too. 

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