That Rose-y Slouch Hat

Striped Crochet Slouch Beanie

I'm pretty satisfied with all I've been able to accomplish this week while I've been off from my regular job. Today features another lovely crochet adventure - this pink striped slouch hat. It's also available for sale; you can find it here. 

Learning curves are fun, aren't they? For instance - I've discovered that iron-on decals are a fickle bunch, and although I've found a very interesting tutorial on how to print directly on to fabric, I've not had a chance to try it, and so instead, there has been much effort in proper ironing techniques. Too little pressure and the darned decals don't stick, too much, and the buggers stick to the iron and not the fabric.

There's also the fun lesson of learning how lovely expensive yarns are. Let me tell you, when it comes to yarns, you just cannot cut corners on quality. The cheap Red Heart yarns just do not hook up (hehe) as nicely as a good hand-spun yarn.  

Lesson learned, past Brittany, lesson learned.

Anyways, all that is to say that I've added this hat to my listings, and I'd also love you to stop on by to Z&B Creative's Facebook Page. Give us a like, and let me know if there is anything I can make you. I do so love yarning about.

'Til next time, friends. 

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