Ye Olde Sewing Machine

Handmade Infinity Scarf - The B Life
Handmade Infinity Scarf - The B Life
Handmade Infinity Scarf - The B Life
Infinity Scarf - The B Life

This post isn't about what you may think. Normally I would spend time convincing you why you should buy the things I make - you know, advertise, flaunt, gloat, all that jazz. But today I have a confession to make.

Before this weekend, I'd never used a sewing machine. 

I know, I know. You're all reading this, gasping, and wondering how the heck I have the patience to sit and HAND SEW everything. Truth be told, Gilmore Girls helps. And most of the time, my needlework was down to an art form. 

But this weekend, I learned how to thread a bobbin. I learned (read: fought a terrible battle) the ins and outs of threading a sewing machine needle (and breaking one while sewing the sequin scarf - sorry, Oma, I'll replace your needles). I spent an hour on Wiki-How - because no Grandma still has their sewing machine instructions - learning how to work the bugger. I confess this: I still don't know how I finally got the bobbin thread to loop. I'm convinced it was luck more than understanding, but I'll take it.

Don't worry though, I'm incredibly selective with which items go on the shop rack. I would never put anything up that didn't have a perfect seam, or careful stitching. I even tossed a scarf this weekend because the sewing machine had a minor meltdown and ate a sequin. 

The art of infinity scarves is something I am learning. And I love it. Textiles are fun. Ordering lovely, handmade fabrics are a blast. I still adore my crocheting, and I will continue to whip up blankets and mittens, but with spring months fast approaching (and all they include - craft shows, market days, and new seasonal colours) I'm starting to stock. 

Goodness, I love creating things. 


  1. Oh wow, these are amazing! I'd love to be able to sew and especially design my own clothes, but I'm so terrible at it haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

  2. A blend wit and momentous words. Exactly what I was looking for.
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  3. This is the thing that we call alleviating. Can't show signs of improvement than that.



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