Since old man spring is upon us, the days are getting busier as we prepare for the planting and market season. Nick and I are excited to be in two upcoming artisan shows - we'll have the opportunity to showcase our handmade and farm-fresh items off to members of the community. We'll be at the All Things Unique show on May 7, and the Spring Solstice Show with Wildflowers Tea on June 26. It's pretty neat to finally be getting some exposure within the community.

Apparently, spring also means sunshine. Though, I am not sure if I believe that, quite yet. It's been nothing but rain here the past two days, and so my barometer migraines have been acting up. I long for summer days picking veggies, and wearing sunglasses. Don't you? There's nothing like summer dresses, fresh cut grass, and the farmers markets. 

Heavens, I am excited. 


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