The B Life: Cooking My Way Through Pinterest - Week One: Chicken + Bacon Stuffed Manicotti

Cooking My Way Through Pinterest - Week One: Chicken + Bacon Stuffed Manicotti

I'll be the first to admit that, in my effort to present a weekly delicious meal for this segment (albeit a few weeks late to the start, but hey, 2018's been like that, so whatever), I've been at least a month into my "Cooking My Way Through Pinterest" challenge, and have been hoarding the results in an attempt to hone in on some basic cooking skills - that are usually otherwise found wanting.

Ironically, my first recipe, though inspired by Pinterest, is actually my own original. I've been tweaking this carbonara-alfredo sauce until I was confident enough in it's versatility.

But let me tell you - adding a ton of cheese puts it on a whole new playing field. And really, what's a good Manicotti without COPIOUS amounts of cheese?

That's right.. not good.

I suppose too, that it's kind of funny that I'd start with something like a home-made manicotti. Not that it's complicated, but there are a lot of steps (which I now realize I have to type out), and it requires some basic knowledge of how to reduce a cream sauce.

Luckily for slackers like me, manicotti pasta is readily available in grocery stores. 

I'd also like to say I'm lying about how fantastic this cream sauce is, but lying is wrong so I don't make a habit of it. THIS SAUCE IS AMAZING.

Honestly, you'll want to use it for all your chicken/pasta dishes. I've even poured it over risotto, and it was the most brilliant thing ever.

Additionally, I'd like to note that if you're not a manicotti fan, you can use this for a lasagna roll-up and it'll be just as good.

And if you want to make it a little healthier (cause it's a lot of cheese), add in some roasted cherry tomatoes, spinach, and sautéed red peppers - that'll add some nice colour, too. Really this recipe is a basic, and it can be built and changed as your tastebuds desire. I promise I won't be offended that you aren't cooking it EXACTLY like the recipe says - ad libing is one of the best parts of cooking.


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